5mW Red Beam Portable Laser Pen – 5000 Hour Lifespan, Continuous Wave Mode, Constant Output


This 5mW Red Beam Laser Pen operates in continuous wave mode with Constant Output, ideal for any PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, lectures or just as a fun toy


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This affordable laser pointer beam pen has a 5mW Red laser output making it a must have for any PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, lectures or jus as a fun toy.

5mW Red Beam Laser Pen

With approximately the same size and weight as a fountain pen and a strong brass body, this 5mW red laser beam pointer pen is lightweight and well built. The 650nm red wavelength laser light has a fixed focus and is powered by two AAA batteries.

With an expected life span of up to 5,000 hours it’s a trusted companion to many a teacher, lecturer, board room executive or company representative. Making presentations easier and more professional it saves the user from having to constantly move back and forth to highlight parts of the presentation board as they can do it all from one spot with this pen. Simply point where you wish the laser beam to shine and click the on / off switch to activate. This affordable red laser pen is ideal for personal use, as a gift or for resale,

WhereåÊtoåÊfindåÊaåÊlaseråÊpointer?åÊWhile you might had a lot of trouble finding a laser pen with great specs and pricing locally, this problem is now solved. It’s nowåÊin stock and ready for dispatched within 24 hours of ordering. Worry about the quality? You shouldn’t. All Co Gadgets products come with a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leaders in electronics and laser gadgets, Co Gadgets.

What Are Laser Pens Used For?

Whether you believe it or not, a simple laser pen can be useful for different activities and occasions. The main benefit and use of these portable devices is that you can easily point to things without having to walk around. It can be useful for teaching in the class room, professional PPT presentations during a business meeting, or even product demonstrations.

Laser Pen Safety

Is it safe to use it? Well generally, yes. The 5 milliwat power of this pen should safe to the eye given ‘momentary accidental exposure’.åÊHowever, we do not advice you to deliberate expose your eye to the laser beam of this pen. You also shouldn’t point the laser beam into other people’s eyes.

This cheaply priced laser pointer pen is now readily available in our warehouse for dispatch in 24 hours. Get yours today or list in on eBay or Amazon for resale.

At a Glance…

  • 5mW Red Laser
  • Small Size but Great Construction
  • Operates in Continuous Wave Mode with Constant Output

Manufacturer Specifications


    • Red Laser Pointer
    • Wavelength: 650 nm
    • Dimension: 14 x 160 mm
    • Output Power: 5 mw
    • Transverse Mode: TEMoo
    • Switch: Momentary switch
    • Expected Lifetime: About 5,000 Hours
    • Body Material: Brass
    • Continuous Output


    • Main Product Dimensions: 151 mm (L x W x D)
    • Main Product Weight: 19g
    • Weight/dimension is for the main item of this boxed product, to help you compare product sizes before buying: please do not base your shipping calculations on this price – shipping prices depend on your cart contents, shipping destination, and shipping method: please use the checkout to select options and preview shipping price for your total order.

    Product Notes

    • Battery: Removable

    Package Contents

    • Red Laser Pen

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    Additional information

    Weight 0.104 kg
    Dimensions 40 x 70 x 180 cm


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